picasR – merge million dollar artwork with your photos.

13 01 2008

Ever seen a work of art and felt something so beautiful, something that couldn’t be laid out in neat groups of words or broken into graphical sequences – great paintings by master craftsmen, so special and one of a kind , that its inconceivable that its essence could be captured or recreated anywhere, let alone to your own images?

With picasR that becomes as easy as a single click.

Choose from hundreds of paintings by the most famous artists in history, and blend the essence of their artwork right into your photos, within seconds.

Feel the pleasure of having the photos of your best memories and your dearest ones made even more special with the touch of master artists.

With picasR, your photo is worth a million dollars.



<Psst…. Meanwhile, excuse the ornate text above, we were feeling so excited about the new feature, we thought we’d beat our chests a bit. And get a bit arty :)>

The short way of looking at it is that you can actually add a Mona Lisa touch to that surfer chick girlfriends snap you took, or give the pre wedding bachelor send off party photos the solemnity of a ‘Last Supper’, with just a click. And if anyone isn’t fine with the results, just tell them Da Vinci thought it was OK :). Meanwhile we’ve asked our developers to give us a bit of the mathsy stuff they’re doing that made this possible, but they are either already too busy on the next features, or arent telling none of their secret stuff to no one, so we won’t be putting out equations just yet.

So dust up your old artists beret hat or get one from the nearest Walmart and we are all ready to go. All you’l need to learn is to do that thing with the hands that the artist types do.

picasR lets you take the pain(t) out of paintings, literally !!




One response

27 01 2008

This site rocks! I can do everything I would ever want to do with a photo all online! It is a great service. I love you guys!

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