flauntR debuts as MySpace application

17 03 2008

flauntR is now officially , deeply, and truly integrated with MySpace. And we’re really pleased, thats why we are rhyming 🙂

So all the MySpace users (which include half the earths human inhabitants, (and some presidential candidates), and many of our own users (add dollops of warm fuzz liberally here)) can now enjoy flauntR from within their crazy cool myspace pages. And this means all the zappy little flauntR features can be used to pimp up your myspace pages in warp speed quickness.

Find flauntR at apps.myspace.com or just click this link to get started with flauntR’s MySpace integrated version before you can say ‘wowee!’

Infact we had integrated with the MySpace application platform the day it launched , but took some time to let our Testing team create hell on our flauntR MySpace integration set up, to make sure everything would be humming along perfectly when our users get their hands on it. And they’ve done pretty much everything short of nuking it, and its holding up fine.

If you do find any glitches though,(gulp!) just send in a mail to info (at) flauntR (dot) com and we will have it ironed out in no time!


Hog the limelight by having your face on a magazine cover

12 02 2008

Long red carpets……expensive wardrobes and jewelery…….continuous camera flashes…..all these mark the arrival of a celebrity and it is this glitz and glamor that gets their faces on the front covers of leading magazines. Looking at those glossy covers on the newsstands, we are sure you might have wished if you could swap places with the star. However, it is said that reality crushes the dream. We help you realize your dream to a certain degree, by giving you the chance to put your image on the covers of mock magazine covers.


The stylR application with flauntR, has been enriched with a collection of mock magazine covers. The magazine covers are mock representations, while still adhering to the feel of the original ones. Get ready to make yourself newsworthy and have headlines like “Man of the year” and “ Most Gorgeous woman”, go with your image. It is down to two choices and a single click. Choose your best possible photo and choose the magazine cover that you want, and in one click, hey presto, you have shot yourself to the heights of fame. The world has heard about the hall of fame and walk of fame. We introduce you to the click of fame. Fame comes at a price in the real world. But, we bring it to you for free, and in just a single click.

Time to celebrate love…

6 02 2008


Love is in the air…..we certainly can feel it. It is Valentine’s day in a few days and an occasion to celebrate the magical feeling of being in love. We have always tried to cater to the needs of our users and provide them with a host of options to try out on their images. With the occasion of Valentine’s day on our minds, we have added a touch of love to the effects already available on the site. The stylR application has been enriched with a separate section for Valentine’s day frames and the textR application has the seasonal shapes proclaiming love.

Our extensive set of frames is still growing and the new section is for all those lovers who want to choose the perfect frame to convey the feeling quickly. It is all about a quick scroll through the section, finding the perfect frame to adorn the lover’s image and a simple click brings in a huge change. Try adding a few seasonal shapes prepared exclusively for Valentine’s day and in a few minutes, you are ready to propose or proclaim your love.

You can’t compromise in love. Neither can we, in providing you the best, to celebrate your love.

Frank Gruber takes flauntR out for a spin

5 02 2008

Frank Gruber , one of the leading bloggers on the web today, was kind enough to spend some quality time with  flauntR , and had some good things to say -in particular on how flauntR compares with some of the paid services out on the market and offers the same features for free.

“I was impressed with flauntR’s free offering”  ” flauntR’s photo slide shows look very nice” were some of Frank’s comments. The entire article can be read here 

Frank blogs regularly at http://www.somewhatfrank.com apart from a multitude of roles including Senior Product Manager at AOL.com.  His profile can be viewed here. The site is a must read for anyone tracking technology and the Web 2.0 world.

A big thanks to Frank for his detailed review, and for his words of encouragement. Its a great feeling to get some support from the top folks on the block.

the flauntR Team.

picasR – merge million dollar artwork with your photos.

13 01 2008

Ever seen a work of art and felt something so beautiful, something that couldn’t be laid out in neat groups of words or broken into graphical sequences – great paintings by master craftsmen, so special and one of a kind , that its inconceivable that its essence could be captured or recreated anywhere, let alone to your own images?

With picasR that becomes as easy as a single click.

Choose from hundreds of paintings by the most famous artists in history, and blend the essence of their artwork right into your photos, within seconds.

Feel the pleasure of having the photos of your best memories and your dearest ones made even more special with the touch of master artists.

With picasR, your photo is worth a million dollars.



<Psst…. Meanwhile, excuse the ornate text above, we were feeling so excited about the new feature, we thought we’d beat our chests a bit. And get a bit arty :)>

The short way of looking at it is that you can actually add a Mona Lisa touch to that surfer chick girlfriends snap you took, or give the pre wedding bachelor send off party photos the solemnity of a ‘Last Supper’, with just a click. And if anyone isn’t fine with the results, just tell them Da Vinci thought it was OK :). Meanwhile we’ve asked our developers to give us a bit of the mathsy stuff they’re doing that made this possible, but they are either already too busy on the next features, or arent telling none of their secret stuff to no one, so we won’t be putting out equations just yet.

So dust up your old artists beret hat or get one from the nearest Walmart and we are all ready to go. All you’l need to learn is to do that thing with the hands that the artist types do.

picasR lets you take the pain(t) out of paintings, literally !!

More features ‘shaping’ up

13 01 2008

We’ve added tons more shapes to our ‘textR’ line up, including text stickers. And more will be added everyday…so keep dropping in to be surprised with new stuff !

Just thought you would like to know. Since we keep adding so much stuff everyday, we sort of starting to get worried if you would notice all of them!  :).  Watch this space to get the lowdown on the newest features, including any tweaks under the hood.

Bebo platform opens- flauntR is in

11 01 2008

For all you flauntR people , we have more good news in store. The bebo application platform is open, and we are one of the first ones through the gate. Just click http://bebo.com/flauntrapp to check out the flauntR bebo page. You can see it even if your not registered with Bebo.  Theyve just opened up with the Bebo code, and we’ve been working furiously to get this out so all the Bebo people can enjoy flauntR. We’re listening in on any changes you want so just drop us a mail at info(at) flauntr (dot) com if you see anything, or just to say Hi 🙂

For all you Bebo fans, here is a lowdown on what flauntR can do for you

Get all the following flauntR apps right in your Bebo profile page:

stylR – all the photo frames, filters, textures, greeting cards, polaroids – all the hundreds of one click photo effects for your photos

editR – industrial grade pro photo editor features ranging from simple sepia effects to vignettes and nightvision filters

profilR – create profile photos on the fly for more than 30 social networks – yes Bebo too.:)

mobilR- create mobile wallpapers from your flauntR creations – for over 250 mobile phones and counting

printR – print out your flauntR creations to tshirts, mugs, and pretty much anything you want

textR – use hundreds of free fancy fonts and shapes to spruce up your photos , create ecards, or just to create something wacky to share with friends

Slideshow – create embeddable slideshows from your Flickr, picassa and Facebook photos, using over 20 high quality transition effects.

More flauntR stuff will be coming out on bebo as soon as tomorrow. Just watch this space for the release!