Bebo platform opens- flauntR is in

11 01 2008

For all you flauntR people , we have more good news in store. The bebo application platform is open, and we are one of the first ones through the gate. Just click to check out the flauntR bebo page. You can see it even if your not registered with Bebo.  Theyve just opened up with the Bebo code, and we’ve been working furiously to get this out so all the Bebo people can enjoy flauntR. We’re listening in on any changes you want so just drop us a mail at info(at) flauntr (dot) com if you see anything, or just to say Hi 🙂

For all you Bebo fans, here is a lowdown on what flauntR can do for you

Get all the following flauntR apps right in your Bebo profile page:

stylR – all the photo frames, filters, textures, greeting cards, polaroids – all the hundreds of one click photo effects for your photos

editR – industrial grade pro photo editor features ranging from simple sepia effects to vignettes and nightvision filters

profilR – create profile photos on the fly for more than 30 social networks – yes Bebo too.:)

mobilR- create mobile wallpapers from your flauntR creations – for over 250 mobile phones and counting

printR – print out your flauntR creations to tshirts, mugs, and pretty much anything you want

textR – use hundreds of free fancy fonts and shapes to spruce up your photos , create ecards, or just to create something wacky to share with friends

Slideshow – create embeddable slideshows from your Flickr, picassa and Facebook photos, using over 20 high quality transition effects.

More flauntR stuff will be coming out on bebo as soon as tomorrow. Just watch this space for the release!




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