flauntR Gets Featured as One of ‘The Best Things in Life’ by PC Mag!

16 01 2009

The New Year has begun on a happy note for flauntR. PC Mag, one of the most respected and independent technology guides on the Internet, has acknowledged flauntR by featuring your favourite online photo suite as one of the best free software of 2009 in the Graphics category.

Listing out the 173 “best things in life” in PC Mag, renowned technology editor and writer Eric Griffith noted, “The best things in life often actually are free. Here, a list of 173 of the best things in life—free software, for launching apps, networking, backup, synchronization, entertainment, and more.” That’s true – flauntR is one of the best things in life!

Yeah, we know that it may not be a surprise for the millions of flauntR users. But, we take this opportunity to thank you all for making flauntR a big success, and we would like to let you know that the best of flauntR is yet to come. In the coming days, you will see the addition of a lot more advanced features and options to flauntR, which will surely make your flauntR experience better and better. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!


You Inspire Us

12 10 2007

We regularly trawl the web to find new effects that we could implement. In the beginning it was a rather rag tag effort. But in the meanwhile we have been systematically documenting our discoveries and have created an “Effects pipeline”. But we definitely have not got everything that users might like on the list.

If you see and effect you like and that you would like us to implement, please email us an image sample. Send the email to info [at] flauntr [dot] com along with the sample image and subject line as “I want this effect”. if we can implement it the we will.

The biggest effect library

30 07 2007

My mother often said to me “Son, the only thing you do not need to be modest about is your ambition”. A philosophy that we all share at flauntR. One of your “BIG Ambitions” is to create the largest effects gallery on the planet.

Definitely not the easiest ambition to achieve on our own. So we decided to enlist some help.

Soon we shall be calling out to users, designers and artists to help us in creating new effects. If you would like to join us and “find a fun hobby” in the process do sign up to our artist news letter. We will be emailing artists as soon as we have an alpha of the tool running to join us.You can sign up here .