Hog the limelight by having your face on a magazine cover

12 02 2008

Long red carpets……expensive wardrobes and jewelery…….continuous camera flashes…..all these mark the arrival of a celebrity and it is this glitz and glamor that gets their faces on the front covers of leading magazines. Looking at those glossy covers on the newsstands, we are sure you might have wished if you could swap places with the star. However, it is said that reality crushes the dream. We help you realize your dream to a certain degree, by giving you the chance to put your image on the covers of mock magazine covers.


The stylR application with flauntR, has been enriched with a collection of mock magazine covers. The magazine covers are mock representations, while still adhering to the feel of the original ones. Get ready to make yourself newsworthy and have headlines like “Man of the year” and “ Most Gorgeous woman”, go with your image. It is down to two choices and a single click. Choose your best possible photo and choose the magazine cover that you want, and in one click, hey presto, you have shot yourself to the heights of fame. The world has heard about the hall of fame and walk of fame. We introduce you to the click of fame. Fame comes at a price in the real world. But, we bring it to you for free, and in just a single click.




One response

25 02 2008

StylR has very good feature

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