flauntR debuts as MySpace application

17 03 2008

flauntR is now officially , deeply, and truly integrated with MySpace. And we’re really pleased, thats why we are rhyming 🙂

So all the MySpace users (which include half the earths human inhabitants, (and some presidential candidates), and many of our own users (add dollops of warm fuzz liberally here)) can now enjoy flauntR from within their crazy cool myspace pages. And this means all the zappy little flauntR features can be used to pimp up your myspace pages in warp speed quickness.

Find flauntR at apps.myspace.com or just click this link to get started with flauntR’s MySpace integrated version before you can say ‘wowee!’

Infact we had integrated with the MySpace application platform the day it launched , but took some time to let our Testing team create hell on our flauntR MySpace integration set up, to make sure everything would be humming along perfectly when our users get their hands on it. And they’ve done pretty much everything short of nuking it, and its holding up fine.

If you do find any glitches though,(gulp!) just send in a mail to info (at) flauntR (dot) com and we will have it ironed out in no time!




4 responses

5 05 2008

how do you link a new Flauntr album so it is visible inside your Facebook site?

5 05 2008

how do I make my flauntr albims visible to my friends? what is the web address I can pount my friends to so they can see them?

6 05 2008
xorama fanai

Nice Apps. Well i got a question – Will your apps hiddenly expose user profiles (and their friends). I heard a news bout flaw of security in facebook.

15 05 2008

Great post there!

Guess I will have to login to myspace to check it out, editing image and more..


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