Most Wanted Feature release(d)- ‘Best Fit’ photo adjust

10 12 2007

We are happy to announce the ‘Best Fit’ photo adjust feature, which means its now possible to rotate , pan, or zoom your photo even after applying effects and frames. Just choose the ‘Adjust photo’ tab on the left of the Effects thumbnail menu.

Select an image of any size and then easily change it to ‘fit’ a frame – even your reunion photo with 40 beerbellied middle agers can be fit nicely into the smallest of frames 🙂 Focus only on specific parts of a photo using ‘Resize’ and pan, so you can cut out the dour looking bystander from that otherwise perfect little photo you took on your holiday (Budget trip of course!). Use the rotate feature to give some crazy angles to your party photos, or just to get some perspective..

To make this even more powerful, we also have a choice of non proportional resizing – to stretch your image just a little bit horizontally or vertically to make it even snuggier within your favorite christmas frame. To top it off, incase your photo is too small for resizing, or you’d love to have the photo as it is, easily add a color of your choice to fill in the background color of the empty frame area.

One of the most wanted features has been this ability to play around with photo positioning within the stylR application(even though we had that from the beginning in EditR, but hey flauntR users rule!)) In fact we had so many requests in non english languages that we can now confidently pronounce ‘Pan’, ‘Rotate’ and ‘zoom’ in french, spanish and italian :). So here it is , just in time for Christmas and New Years, so get cracking with all those effects!




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19 02 2008


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