flauntR ‘Shows’ off Community Gallery

17 12 2007

flauntR today released the Community gallery feature, which allows you to create and share photo slideshows, using over a dozen transition effects. And as you’ve come to expect, a single click is just about as complicated as it can get. And its obviously free. Completely. And yes, deeply integrated into any service on the web, including the ones only the geeks know about.

Currently your photos in Facebook, Picasa and Flickr can be directly pumped into flauntR slideshows. Even your album and photo details are retained. All you need to choose is which transition you would like (thats the tough part, there are quite a few ), then decide whether you would like to have it displayed on flauntR’s front page (what??). So our users get to decide what appears on our homepage, because their photos is what flauntR is all about.

We call it the ‘Community’ gallery because anyone with photos in any of the major services on the web will be able to enjoy this feature, without having to ‘re-save’ their photos to flauntR. We believe in allowing the web community to be able to use flauntR’s best features at their convenience, without having to move all their photos. Our community goes beyond our users alone(a full 100, 000 of them at the last count), but can be anyone on the web looking around for the easiest , coolest, shortest way to display their photos. We love all our users, but the lazy ones are real gems, because they want so much more 🙂

So from now on, forget having to click unnaturally large, fluffy colored upload buttons, and then sit reading nonsensical loading text. Let the photos be where they are. You focus on the fun part. We’ll go fetch.




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21 12 2007


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