Bebo platform opens- flauntR is in

11 01 2008

For all you flauntR people , we have more good news in store. The bebo application platform is open, and we are one of the first ones through the gate. Just click to check out the flauntR bebo page. You can see it even if your not registered with Bebo.Β  Theyve just opened up with the Bebo code, and we’ve been working furiously to get this out so all the Bebo people can enjoy flauntR. We’re listening in on any changes you want so just drop us a mail at info(at) flauntr (dot) com if you see anything, or just to say Hi πŸ™‚

For all you Bebo fans, here is a lowdown on what flauntR can do for you

Get all the following flauntR apps right in your Bebo profile page:

stylR – all the photo frames, filters, textures, greeting cards, polaroids – all the hundreds of one click photo effects for your photos

editR – industrial grade pro photo editor features ranging from simple sepia effects to vignettes and nightvision filters

profilR – create profile photos on the fly for more than 30 social networks – yes Bebo too.:)

mobilR- create mobile wallpapers from your flauntR creations – for over 250 mobile phones and counting

printR – print out your flauntR creations to tshirts, mugs, and pretty much anything you want

textR – use hundreds of free fancy fonts and shapes to spruce up your photos , create ecards, or just to create something wacky to share with friends

Slideshow – create embeddable slideshows from your Flickr, picassa and Facebook photos, using over 20 high quality transition effects.

More flauntR stuff will be coming out on bebo as soon as tomorrow. Just watch this space for the release!


flauntR ‘Shows’ off Community Gallery

17 12 2007

flauntR today released the Community gallery feature, which allows you to create and share photo slideshows, using over a dozen transition effects. And as you’ve come to expect, a single click is just about as complicated as it can get. And its obviously free. Completely. And yes, deeply integrated into any service on the web, including the ones only the geeks know about.

Currently your photos in Facebook, Picasa and Flickr can be directly pumped into flauntR slideshows. Even your album and photo details are retained. All you need to choose is which transition you would like (thats the tough part, there are quite a few ), then decide whether you would like to have it displayed on flauntR’s front page (what??). So our users get to decide what appears on our homepage, because their photos is what flauntR is all about.

We call it the ‘Community’ gallery because anyone with photos in any of the major services on the web will be able to enjoy this feature, without having to ‘re-save’ their photos to flauntR. We believe in allowing the web community to be able to use flauntR’s best features at their convenience, without having to move all their photos. Our community goes beyond our users alone(a full 100, 000 of them at the last count), but can be anyone on the web looking around for the easiest , coolest, shortest way to display their photos. We love all our users, but the lazy ones are real gems, because they want so much more πŸ™‚

So from now on, forget having to click unnaturally large, fluffy colored upload buttons, and then sit reading nonsensical loading text. Let the photos be where they are. You focus on the fun part. We’ll go fetch.

Most Wanted Feature release(d)- ‘Best Fit’ photo adjust

10 12 2007

We are happy to announce the ‘Best Fit’ photo adjust feature, which means its now possible to rotate , pan, or zoom your photo even after applying effects and frames. Just choose the ‘Adjust photo’ tab on the left of the Effects thumbnail menu.

Select an image of any size and then easily change it to ‘fit’ a frame – even your reunion photo with 40 beerbellied middle agers can be fit nicely into the smallest of frames πŸ™‚ Focus only on specific parts of a photo using ‘Resize’ and pan, so you can cut out the dour looking bystander from that otherwise perfect little photo you took on your holiday (Budget trip of course!). Use the rotate feature to give some crazy angles to your party photos, or just to get some perspective..

To make this even more powerful, we also have a choice of non proportional resizing – to stretch your image just a little bit horizontally or vertically to make it even snuggier within your favorite christmas frame. To top it off, incase your photo is too small for resizing, or you’d love to have the photo as it is, easily add a color of your choice to fill in the background color of the empty frame area.

One of the most wanted features has been this ability to play around with photo positioning within the stylR application(even though we had that from the beginning in EditR, but hey flauntR users rule!)) In fact we had so many requests in non english languages that we can now confidently pronounce ‘Pan’, ‘Rotate’ and ‘zoom’ in french, spanish and italian :). So here it is , just in time for Christmas and New Years, so get cracking with all those effects!

Welcome New Year, flauntR style(R)

8 12 2007

More free stuff! This time for New Years! And if your wondering whether you’ve heard this somewhere before, its because you have..we just announced our free christmas designs and goodies a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been overwhelmed with requests for New Year Designs, so here goes!

Pick from dozens of New year designs, add custom messages on your photos using over 20 (and counting) fancy fonts in TextR (free, as usual) and print them into gifts using photoprintR, so they can be converted into mugs, tshirts and other goodies, which family and friends can treasure all through next year and beyond.

Use flauntR to share memories of the great time you had this year with family and friends, and wish them a lot of happiness for the next year. .It just takes minutes to combine great designs with your pick of photos, personalise them with stylish messages, and convert them into unique gifts that are lovingly personal yet professionally finished, unique and special but also practical and useful.

So by the time you wake up from The celebration hangover, don’t be surprised if you are already the most popular guy of the (new) year!

flauntR integrates with EVERYONE (Seriously!)

3 12 2007

Okay its final! there are no more social networks left to integrate with. We’ve done them all. 16 social networks , blogging platforms, and the odd big web home page networks thrown in…and counting.

After tons of requests from users we decided that never would a Facebook user or a MySpace junkie, or for that matter anyone on any other network, ever have to download stuff from flauntR in order to put it into their social network, ever.

So as of now, you can drop kick your flaunterized photos right into your social network, from inside flauntR, effects, frames, the full treatment. And it takes only seconds, keeping in line with our obsession with doing everything quickly.

We call this ‘Quickpost’ (yes, its a rather uninspiring name) and this means you can serve all your newest and whackiest flauntR designs, hot off the design stove, to all your friends anywhere, as soon as you can say ‘social network’.

Most of our users must have noticed this while sharing, but for those uninitiated into the deeply religious flauntR fold, this is how its done

Click 1: Just choose the ‘Share’ button from the header menu below the tabs (the one with the two figures)

Click 2: The pop up that emerges will already have ‘Quickpost’ selected on the left hand menu list. A list of social networks are shown on the right as buttons. Click on your social network

Click 3: Login and get busy!

Here is a list of all the cool big huge social networks we integrate with , and if you find any not on the list, including any network for undead pirates, bald hairdressers, astronauts or the like, just drop us a line and we’l make they get added to our have-this-feature-done-now-or-noone-goes-home- for-dinner list

The current list is as follows: MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Orkut, Piczo, Freewebs, LiveJournal, BlackPlanet, MyYearBook, WordPress, Typepad, Xanga, Multiply, Igoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes

Free Christmas ecards from flauntR!

3 12 2007

Early Christmas at flauntR! Wish friends and family with hundreds of free new christmas photo cards in flauntR, all jingle bells and whistles attached!

Make your ecards even more personal with messages, using dozens of free new fonts in phototextR , and send friends and family customized printed cards, tshirts and goodies through photoprintR to make them know how much you care!

So if its custom playing cards for your uncle, or a tshirt for that nephew with his favorite football star on it, or some classy photocards to bowl over your Mother in law, just skip over to photoprintR and order prints in seconds..there is nothing like real gifts people can touch, to get them on your side for that Christmas dinner, and beyond!

Got the ‘picture’? Click here to get started NOW!

With the sheer number of new frames flauntR will be your one stop shop to easily send Christmas messages to all your friends , families , even your boss! No more worries in hunting cards to make sure everyone gets a unique design, because every design is different!

And you can do it so quickly, you can make sure you wont miss anyone this Christmas because you got late finishing that last little file for your Boss. flauntR makes it easy to spread the Christmas cheer!

Merry Early Christmas from the entire flauntR team!

PS: Its not over yet! We will be adding more free stuff all through till Santa drops in, so watch this space to get the lowdown on all the goodies we are giving away…….

Thanksgiving is here !!!

20 11 2007

Lots of new frames and designs on flauntR. We’ve made sure that you have a tidy bunch of Thanksgiving designs so you can send unique designs to all your family , but within minutes. Also if your scrambling at the last moment to send an ecard to that aunt of yours πŸ™‚

Check out photostylR for all the new designs…

Happy thanksgiving in advance from the flauntR team!!