Welcome New Year, flauntR style(R)

8 12 2007

More free stuff! This time for New Years! And if your wondering whether you’ve heard this somewhere before, its because you have..we just announced our free christmas designs and goodies a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been overwhelmed with requests for New Year Designs, so here goes!

Pick from dozens of New year designs, add custom messages on your photos using over 20 (and counting) fancy fonts in TextR (free, as usual) and print them into gifts using photoprintR, so they can be converted into mugs, tshirts and other goodies, which family and friends can treasure all through next year and beyond.

Use flauntR to share memories of the great time you had this year with family and friends, and wish them a lot of happiness for the next year. .It just takes minutes to combine great designs with your pick of photos, personalise them with stylish messages, and convert them into unique gifts that are lovingly personal yet professionally finished, unique and special but also practical and useful.

So by the time you wake up from The celebration hangover, don’t be surprised if you are already the most popular guy of the (new) year!




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