flauntR on OpenSocial !

7 11 2007

We’ll be coming to the OpenSocial Community , starting with Orkut, soon!.

In fact we are already there!, (check out the screenshot of the running application just below this post). But we cant give it out just now, because we are still making sure it works like clockwork, so we’re pushing all our tester guys to push flauntR on OpenSocial to the limit, and give a thumbs up pronto so we can let our users put their hands on it!.  Hang on for a few days and we’ll be telling you right here!. And we aren’t stopping at Orkut either, so dont be surprised it you see us pop up on on your fav social network, whether it be MySpace , Bebo or the other big guys.

Er. Okay so whats OpenSocial ? – OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites. OpenSocial is currently being developed by Google in conjunction with members of the web community.




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