AlarmClock talks to flauntR CEO

17 10 2007

flauntR CEO Balaji Bal had a chat with AlarmClock -a premier blog which covers technology startups and ventures.

The talk covered the vision for flauntR, the challenges and future plans. Also more about the attention flauntR is getting, and about why flauntR is exciting for more than just its users..

Some excerpts

” We read that the one-click wizardry that flauntr offers is an Adobe Photoshop “killer” (source Killer Startups review). It is not the first time you’ve created something to challenge Adobe, right?

Right, I founded SurfKitchen which competes against Adobe in the on-device-portal space. SurfKitchen continues to hold its ground. As a result I know quite a few “great” people at Adobe. But that does not preclude hand-to-hand combat in the marketplace.

Calling flauntR a Photoshop-killer is flattering but inaccurate. Photoshop is a power tool for professionals with a steep learning curve and 600 dollar price-tag to match. FlauntR is a free online creative suite for image editing with one-click effects aimed at consumers.
You told us that the tool had 5000 users register in the first two days. You didn’t put out a press release or get written about in TechCrunch or Slashdot, so how did the word get out?

Last week was amazing. Within a week flauntR moved from 250 to 200,000 results in Google. Adobe featured flauntR on their showcase. flauntR was also the editors pick on the Yahoo gallery.

It all started with some small, quality bloggers who covered flauntR in great detail. One of them called “DemoGirl” even did a screen cast.

Within hours it was in German, French, Italian, Portugese, Romanian, Spanish and even Chinese blogs. We guess it is the quality of the posts by the bloggers which delivered the numbers.

How will you generate revenues?”

To read the complete interview follow this link

Read the complete interview




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