‘Its flauntR baby’

14 10 2007

Kartika Maramis at the Casual Thoughts blog had this to say about flauntR
“excellent web based application”
“works astoundingly perfect with flickr”
“It’s really fun.”

Its really encouraging for us folks at flauntR when flauntR users like Kartika take time out to give us some quality space on their blogs. Also the effort they take to actually take stuff done on flauntR and display that on their blogs and share it with friends and readers. Kartika, lots of love from the flauntR team here. Keep blogging!




One response

19 11 2007
Kartika Maramis

Dear fluntR team,

Yeah you’r welcome. I am glad that you guys exist. Hope that you’ve made good contributions by now – haven’t checked it out for weeks.

However, if i could add some suggestions, I realized, that when I am not log in and go directly to one of your picture editing applications. After working out a picture unfortunately i don’t have choice to save it, unless I register again as new user. It was like this weeks ago tho. I dunno if it has been changed.


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