flauntR at RedFerret

14 10 2007

Nigel Powell (his biography is so heavy weight we decided to link to it) had some words of encouragement for us at the Redferret blog site, giving flauntR a big thumbs up. Some stuff he had to say about flauntR:

“probably the most comprehensive photo editing service on the web”

“just about the most ambitious photo manipulation site”
“the tools are fast to use and the results are excellent”
“The UI is great and it’s really easy to use”
“perfect for digital photography newcomers”

Really cool to see some top blogs put their hands up and vote for us. The RedFerret is an Alexa top 50K blog which has been around from since March 2000 and has thousands of regular daily readers. We hang onto every word when it comes from people who have been following the tech /net world for so many years. And we are taking notes.

Nigel , you mentioned about the lack of Undo features – its there now in editR, and its going be a regular feature on our apps. Keep giving us tips, we are all ears.




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