What Effects?

30 07 2007

One question we have frequently thrown at us is “what kind of effects is flauntR capable of?”. Or “Can it do everything that the desktop imaging software does?”

The answer to the questions is : flauntR can generate practically all categories of effects that desktop software can. These can range from the “layout types” that seem quite popular among users to ones that are more complex like manipulation of color, distortion of surfaces (ripples etc) and emulation of textures and brush strokes.

Sample flauntR effects

While we can create many of these effects we clearly have constrained ourselves in the “configurability of effects”. When we did this we had quite a lively discussion as to whether users wanted more configurability or less. So rather than deciding it oursleves we asked around our test users. Most of them ( except for our hacker friends ) prefered the one click approach.

So there you have it : We can do most effect types, but limit ourselves when it comes to configurability by user.




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